Hush! You hear dat meson! Can you hear the sound of the banjo playing in the wind? It is that unique strum that beckons your attention. Quietly listen to the lyrics being sung by the great Edgie Christian singing such songs as “Ho Bin Sen Yo” and “Bronco Jig”. The time has neared that the next generation and those that come after begin embracing Quelbe music.  Their impending task is keeping it alive and vibrant.
The premise is for each generation to be taught the art form thus giving it longevity. Therefore with that ideology, the millennials have taken on the task of keeping it alive. A vibrant group made up of a young lady and many gents by the name of “Sweet Peppa Quelbe” band have embraced their cultural music. They have engaged in providing the glorious, harmonious sounds of Quelbe music to the entire community. In addition,  they keep it alive for the Z & Y generation to learn. They are led by Sacha Alexander. The Sweet Peppa Quelbe band that is already known throughout the Virgin Islands for their virtuoso renditions of our colloquial music.

Learn a little about the Sweet Peppa Quelbe band.  Sweet Peppa’ is a group that was founded in the year 2016 by Ms. Valrica M. Bryson and Sacha T. Alexander. The band was founded on soul passion from both flautists who shared a deep love for Quelbe music. It was then that they set out on a mission to gather musicians who shared the same passion for this craft. Finding the musicians to build what would now become the future of Quelbe music was both difficult and easy. Due to Ms. Bryson’s strong foundation in culture and impeccable relationships with her past students, former members of what was known then as the Quelbe ambassadors did not hesitate when told about what they were trying to do. It was then confirmed after the first rehearsal that this would turn out to be something great. Most of Sweet peppa’s members were taught by the greatest of greats of Quelbe, “Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights” while they were attending high school. After finding all of the musician’s necessary to create such a band, they were not complete until the perfect name was sought. With the help of Kevin Christian the son of Edgie Christian from TSK, he came up with the name Sweet Peppa Quelbe! Mixing all the sweet, spicy, new and funky flavors of our cultural music, with 10 strong members, The Sweet Peppa Quelbe Band was born!

They also give equal opportunities for the upcoming generation to partake in rehearsals and gigs where they too can learn about the history of the VI through Quelbe music. The mission of band is to Keep the Culture Alive! Quelbe Lives on!

Come join us on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at the Sunny Isles Amphitheatre to learn the art form of French Quadrille with authentic music being played by the Sweet Peppa Quelbe band and Floor Master Patricia Browne.





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